Large box of Cadburys Milk Chocolates


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A delicious selection swirled, smothered… … and set in Cadbury chocolate Delicious Flavours Just for You Caramel Softy Milk chocolate matched with its caramel sweetheart Hazelnut Swirl* Whole roasted hazelnut in a whirl of milk chocolate Surprise Parcel** A white chocolate truffle wrapped in milk chocolate Strawberry Temptation Delicious real strawberry fondant covered in milk chocolate Orange Truffle** Milk chocolate truffle with an orange twist Salted Caramel Charm** Chewy caramel with a touch of salt enrobed in smooth milk chocolate Truffle Heart** Smooth chocolate truffle, locked in a milk chocolate heart Apple Crunch** Apple flavour white chocolate truffle with cinnamon crunch Fudge Duet** Vanilla flavour fudge covered with milk chocolate Perfect Praline* ** Hazelnut praline encased in a milk chocolate gem * Contains Nuts ** Contains Soya

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